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One Sambal Belacan To Rule Them All

27 years ago on a cloudy day at Kelantan, we were on road trip and we came across a lady selling her homemade sambal belacan. Out of curiosity, we gave it a try. And to our surprise, it was the most epic sambal belacan ever made by the hands of a human being! (takkan haiwan right? imagine lembu make sambal belacan, moo~) The flavors exploded in our mouth (not like phone battery explode ya, just very flavorful), sending us euphorically up to the clouds! It tasted like an unique blend of spiciness, happiness, epicness and love - yes, love. With tears of joy flowing down our face, we tilt our head and look at her face, asking her for her name; She then proceeds to take off her Oakley sunglasses partially and replied - "Mok Awe namonyo" (Mak Awan namanya). There she is, Mak Awan - arguably the best sambal belacan maker of all time, famous for her hot tempered and explosive character, as she shouts nonstop while making her sambal belacan. That's how she brings out all the flavor, kononnya.

After 1 year, we came back to Kelantan to look for her, hoping to buy more sambal belacan to rekindle the sense of epicness. But she was not there, as we were told she retired. All those shouting has been given her sore throats and she decided to stop making sambal belacan. Because she stopped shouting, no one could locate her anymore, she vanished as clouds.

We have spent 26 years looking for her. We traveled the skies (Genting and Cameron), lands (Kelantan, KL, Ipoh etc.) and seas (Pangkor, Langkawi etc.), but she is nowhere to be found. But on one cloudy day in 2017, we found her Facebook (cheh!). We PM'ed her and told her how much we missed her sambal belacan, and proposed to partner with her to sell sambal belacan online - and she agreed! And because of this, now everyone can yet again taste the the-ultimate-homemade sambal belacan! Hooray!

(The story is obviously fake, but the sambal belacan is real. So please buy now. Thank you)