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6 x Cloudy Sambal Belacan 200g

RM 66.00 RM 120.00

The Ultimate 6 Bottles Kipas Besar Pack!

Okay, we think you are addicted to our sambal belacan. We are proud of you, therefore, we are giving you 45% discount! You just saved RM 54! Thank you for being a big fan!

Cloudy Sambal Belacan

It's really quite good. We are not saying that it is the besssttt sambal belacan in the world - but it sure taste great! If you are a hot sauce or sambal belacan lover, you got to try this! 

Great With Almost Anything!

You can technically eat it with anything, but we strongly suggest steamboat, ulam, seafood, noodles, bbq and dim sum. 


Free to Peninsular Malaysia only!
Anywhere else, it's really very mahal. Sorry ya.

Remember to Keep Refrigerated!

No preservatives, so remember to keep it in your fridge.


Red onion, garlic, sugar, shrimp paste, salt, lime, bird's eye chili, monosodium glutamate & coriander.