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Why Cloudy Sambal Belacan Taste Shooo Goooood

It's familiar, its sambal belacan: but yet, it's so different and unique. If it's just like conventional sambal belacan, what's the point? Cloudy Sambal Belacan is a blend of secret recipe belacan goodness, chili padi, coriander and lime juice (not cheapo vinegar, or artificial concentrated lime; actual real and expensive lime that takes forever to squeeze). Ingredients are freshly bought whenever there is an order and we don't keep stocks. 

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Cloudy Sambal Belacan Ish Like Loveee~

It is shooo gooood that you want to bring it wherever you go, to enhance whatever you're eating - just in case the food sucks. Cloudy Sambal Belacan is like your best friend, forever there to back you up, support you and love you.

And often, it is quite hard to get the a good resepi sambal belacan or buy sambal belacan. Whether it is for sambal petai, sambal jawa, sambal tumis, sambal tumis ikan bilis, sambal belacan goreng, sambal petai udang, kangkung belacan, sambal tumis sotong, sambal belacan tomato, sambal goreng ikan bilis, sambal tok tok, sambal belacan ikan bilis, sambal belacan manga, sambal tempoyak petai,  sambal oelek, sambal terasi or even rojak, sambal sotong petai, our sambal belacan is a good sambal belacan recipe. Our sambal belacan resepi represents chillies Malaysia, although it has a blend of sambal belacan Kelantan, resepi sambal belacan thai and sambal belacan thai. This sambal is also great for nasi lemak sambal recipe and for resepi sambal belacan tomato. It might be sambal belacan simple, but the sambal cili padi will make even your ulam taste great. Look no further for any nasi lemak sambal recipe, resepi sambal belacan tomato, resepi sambal belacan Kelantan, sambal nasi lemak recipe, sambal sotong recipe, resepi sambal belacan blender, Cloudy Sambal Belacan is all you need. This sambal sauce that you can carry anywhere to enjoy even chicken sambal. How to make sambal? Get cloudy sambal belacan instead. Convenient and hassle free!